Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nursing school tips and interview

What was most exciting for you your first semester? When I started nursing
school, reality hit me when I logged into Blackboard to view the syllabi for my courses. I bought a brand new planner and began to fill in my reading assignments, quizzes, simulation days, clinical days and exams. I read lecture titles such as “Assessing the Peripheral Vasculature,” “Concept Mapping Heart Failure,” and “AnxietyRelated Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders” I took a deep breath and smiled as I realized the type of content I was finally going to be studying. It was real and I finally made it to nursing school. I was ready for what was to come, or so I thought.
needed to focus on the action plan instead. I am very passionate about this subject because it is something that I struggled with. I think the key words of advice are to constantly recenter yourself with the purpose of why becoming a nurse is best for your family, be resourceful, remain positive, and be organized.

What was your greatest struggle Junior 1 semester?
My greatest struggle as a Junior 1 was learning timemanagement skills. It took awhile for me to learn how to plan my time to be a nursing student, mom of a toddler, chef, maid, accountant, etc. At first I felt I was the only one struggling in this area. Fortunately, I was a member of the Scholars in Service program. In this program I was able to find other students who were sharing the same struggle. Together, we shared ideas on how to make our lives easier and more organized.
What do you wish you could have done better your first semester?
If I was able to go back in time and give myself advice, I would tell myself to set time aside for things I love to do such as crafting, mombaby activities, and exercise. I was always so tense and preoccupied with what I needed to get done due to procrastination. Looking back, there probably wouldn’t have been such procrastination if I was rested, healthy, and clearminded. Trust me, you need sleep to function and be attentive in theory, lab, and clinicals!
(optional) What was your experience as a parent in nursing school? Being a mom while attending nursing school has its challenges. Looking back, I focused a lot on the challenges my first semester until I realized I
What is one thing you wish someone would have told you before starting the program?
I wish someone would have told me to read about communication. Being a first generation college student, my family didn’t understand what college was like, let alone, nursing school. With little time to spare, you have to find a way to get family members to understand the intensity of nursing school. Otherwise they are going to think you’ve gone mad. If I would have had the selfcontrol and communication skills needed to explain the intensity of nursing school, I would have steered away from many of the bumps I had along the way. It is very important to let your family members and loved ones know that they have a great role in your success by supporting you and let them know how to support you.  

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