Thursday, March 6, 2014

oatmeal power breakfast.

Since I am in my last trimester, I have been trying to  add a lot more omega-3s in my diet. I have had a very big oatmeal craving throughout my pregnancy. I know, it's bad because of all the carbs, but it has it's benefits! It helps keep me regular and helps me avoid heartburn. 

In order to get more nutrients in my morning meal, I added;

Fresh blueberries
2 tablespoons of Black Chia Seeds (filled with omegas and fiber ! ) 
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 cup of 2% milk
Rolled oats 

Hope I inspired you to eat yummy and nutritious!! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

36 weeks.

I think today was the day I realized that this little guy is on his way. According to my estimated due date, he is about 36 weeks. However, he has been measuring 1 gestational week earlier. So, I am feeling more like 37 weeks! I am feeling such a difference from last week. I have been experiencing false labor. It feels like a few steps higher than Braxton hicks contractions. When I would get Braxton hicks contractions, I would just feel uncomfortable and feel tightening across my uterus. The contractions I am experiencing now will continue for a few hours, and will occur in regular intervals. I did pretty good at monitoring them. However, there was one night I was having about 7 in an hour and I kept falling asleep after one would subside. It was hard to keep track, even when they would wake me. I was tempted to call labor and delivery that night. I think my body will let me know when I am in real labor. My goal is to labor at home as long as I can. Since I am attempting a VBAC, I don't want to feel pressured and be on a "clock" as soon as I walk into he hospital. 

Baby movements: he is moving like crazy!! He doesn't have a favorite side anymore. 

Symptoms: heartburn like crazy!!  I also get episodes of nausea. My hips are so weak. It is definitely difficult to be in any position. It has become very difficult to change position also. I also came down with a cold! It is not making this week any easier. 

Nursery: I still have to finish washing some of baby boys new clothes. 

Health: my blood pressure has been trending a bit higher. It is still under the preeclampsia threshold. There was a trace if protein in my urine. Lab work was fine the last time we checked. However, this still has me a bit worried since I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy! 

Dilation: 1 cm as of  yesterday! 

Big brother: izzy has begun playing "little brother. " he has a pretend bottle and feeds his teddy bear. He also started to at "pretend baby store." He can't stop talking about how he will carry his little brother and help feed him. 

Daddy: also beginning to realize that the date is closer than we thought! 

Can't wait to see what changes will happen within the next couple days !